As teenagers, Floyd and Boyd Amason both discovered and began developing their talents while performing with Sing-Out South, an affiliate of Up With People.  After their involvement with this group, Floyd became the lead vocalist and upright bass player for the jazz group Parker-Sullivan Quartet, which was well-known in the nightclub circuit along the east coast.  At that time, Boyd was involved in another form of music -- playing guitar and singing his own songs in coffeehouses.

After finding Christ in the late 1960s, the twins decided to work together to spread the Good News through their music.  Boyd wrote the majority of their songs and, because of their different backgrounds in music, their ministry was both unique and versatile.  Often the twins were referred to as the Smothers Brothers of gospel music because of their humorous songs and the comedy they injected into their concerts.  However, in their sharing, the twins emphasized the importance of a personal daily walk with Christ as the key to the spiritual growth and maturity of the Christian.

The Amason Twins sang in eight countries and throughout the United States.  They appeared on television throughout the U.S. and Canda.  They performed in crusades with Cliff Barrows of the Billy Graham Team and evangelists Ford Philpot, Jim Wilson, and Clyde Dupin, as well as at the Atlanta Baptist Bicentennial Rally in 1976.  Their largest audience was 25,000 people in the Vanderbilt University Coliseum in Nashville for the Tennessee Baptist Youth Evangelism Conference.