Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jesus, You're So Wonderful

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A while back I was listening to Nadine Coker who is, in my opinion, one of the finest Gospel blues guitarist and singers on the scene today.   Nadine had done a cover of this song on her channel and I sent her a note asking for the lyrics and chords. ("Jesus, You Are So Wonderful")  She was so kind to send them to me.   Andrus, Blackwood and Company recorded this on their Live album in 1980.   Sam Cooke did a song called "He's So Wonderful" that he recorded on Feb 2, 1959, when he was singing with the Soul Stirrers.   The two songs are very similar; the verses are different but the rest of the song is the same.  Both Sam Cooke's version and Andrus, Blackwood and Company's version can be heard on YouTube.   I hope you enjoy my cover of this classic, and be sure to listen to Nadine Coker's cover of this as well!!! - Thanks for listening. - FLOYD AMASON

Nadine's cover
Nadien Coker's channel